Cooking Real Meals In Your Hotel Room

One of the challenges of staying at a resort and hotel room is that you usually do not have access to an oven, stove, or other appliances used for cooking. This can make it difficult to cook real meals. A microwave can be handy for reheating some items, but you may start to feel limited. However, there are some tricks you can use to cook real meals using portable appliances such as a coffee pot, hair dryer, or an iron.

How To Improve Your Boutique Hotel Bar/Lounge Atmosphere To Attract A Hipper Clientele

If you are running a boutique hotel, then you understand how important it is to attract a hip clientele. You are not competing with the major chains, so you should not be concerned with beating the majors at their own game (high volume, super low costs). Instead, you should be trying to provide a hip and cool atmosphere for a select clientele that will make guests remember the fun time they had while on vacation and spread the word to their friends back home.

Thinking Of Downsizing In Retirement? 3 Ways To Know If You Should Rent Or Buy

If you're approaching retirement and thinking of making a big move or downsizing from your current home, you may automatically think that you should buy another, smaller home. But that traditional route may not be what's right for you. Renting a home may be an even better -- but less obvious -- choice in your circumstances. How can you know? Here's a handy guide to deciding between buying and renting your next home.

Red Rocks And Towering Spires -- A Quick Guide To Vacationing In The National Parks Of Utah

When planning a National Park vacation, you may immediately think of the most famous parks -- like Yellowstone, Yosemite, or the Grand Canyon. But, if you're looking for a great time in the outdoors, you may want to look at the great state of Utah. Why Utah? In addition to many other natural and man-made monuments and attractions, Utah has an abundance of less-crowded National Parks all within a short hop from each other.

Planning A Surprise Caribbean Vacation For A Person Who Loves The Ocean? Ideas For You

If you are dating or married to a person who loves the sea and the ocean a great deal, you may be thinking about surprising them with a fabulous Caribbean vacation that will embrace their love of the ocean. The issue is that you are likely struggling with ideas of how to make sure that the ocean theme of your surprise vacation really comes through when you go on your trip.