How To Improve Your Boutique Hotel Bar/Lounge Atmosphere To Attract A Hipper Clientele

If you are running a boutique hotel, then you understand how important it is to attract a hip clientele. You are not competing with the major chains, so you should not be concerned with beating the majors at their own game (high volume, super low costs). Instead, you should be trying to provide a hip and cool atmosphere for a select clientele that will make guests remember the fun time they had while on vacation and spread the word to their friends back home.

Revamp The Lounge Interior

The first step you need to do is gut the old, stale interior. Bring in a designer that has experience working with hotels, restaurants, and clubs. Let them know the type of vibe you are looking for. You want your hotel bar/lounge atmosphere to be more reminiscent of a hip club, not somewhere you might see a group of conventioneers wearing name tags.

Ditch The Popcorn/Peanuts For Gourmet Food

You don't need to serve a full menu, but you might want to improve the bar food that you currently serve. So, instead of offering popcorn or peanuts, hire a chef with culinary training who can make more foodie friendly offerings. Nothing will kill a hip atmosphere like a plate of frozen onion rings. So, pick a chef and let them work out a trendy menu.

Bring In A D.J. For Select Nights

If your hotel has space for it, then it would be cool to have a D.J. for certain nights during the month (Thursdays-Saturday). Live music is a great way to set a cool vibe for the space. It is also a great way to attract a local crowd to the hotel. This can help build your brand in the city you are in, so your hotel can become a hotspot for locals to patronize, not just out of towners.

Hire Flair Bartenders

Another really great way to improve the look of your hotel's bar and lounge is to hire some flair bartenders. If you already have a staff of bartenders that you don't feel like firing, then there is a great solution. You can contact a hotel bar and management firm and have them bring in flair bartending experts to train your current bartenders. Flair bartending is a really exciting style where the bartenders toss the bottles around almost like jugglers. If you've seen the Tom Cruise movie Cocktail, then you are familiar with it. It's still popular in hot boutique hotel bars in places like Miami, Las Angeles, and New York. So, it's something to consider if you want that sort of vibe.

If you're interested in revamping your hotel, contact a company like D&G Hospitality.