3 Advantages Of Staying At A B&B Over A Hotel During The Pandemic

As you plan a weekend getaway or short vacation during the pandemic, you have a lot of considerations for safe travels. One of the options includes the type of lodging for the trip. Bed and breakfast room rentals offer a cozy spot to stay and have many advantages over a traditional hotel. Learn about the advantages and how you can plan a safe stay away from home during the pandemic.

Tips For Booking A Hotel Conference Room For A Business Event

Whether you're planning a conference, a business presentation, or a large training session, booking a hotel conference room makes sense. The key is to choose the right hotel and ensure that you select a conference room that suits the needs of your event and its attendees. Planning a large event can take a lot of time and often costs a lot of money, so selecting the right venue is essential. Ideally, you should plan on narrowing down your choices for hotel conference rooms as far in advance as possible to ensure that you find availability for the dates of your event.

What Are Some Of The Differences Between Hotels And Vacation Rentals?

If you're someone who typically books a resort or hotel when traveling, you may be wondering what it's like to stay in a vacation rental. There are some similarities to both hotels and vacation homes, but there are also many differences to consider. Many travelers are looking for ways to make their trips more convenient, amenity-packed, and unique. A vacation rental can offer that. Keep reading to better understand some of the differences between hotels and vacation rentals: