3 Advantages Of Staying At A B&B Over A Hotel During The Pandemic

As you plan a weekend getaway or short vacation during the pandemic, you have a lot of considerations for safe travels. One of the options includes the type of lodging for the trip. Bed and breakfast room rentals offer a cozy spot to stay and have many advantages over a traditional hotel.

Learn about the advantages and how you can plan a safe stay away from home during the pandemic.

1. Smaller Crowds

A bed and breakfast will naturally have smaller crowds than a hotel. You do not need to worry about crowded parking lots, hotel lobbies, or other areas you were not expecting. The smaller crowds means less possible exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

A bed and breakfast will have less rooms, and in some cases, you could book all of the rooms in the home to have the place completely to yourself. With a full booking, you do not need to worry about crossing paths with other guests.

2. Easy Access

A hotel includes many public areas you must go through to access your room. For example, you could park in a garage, travel to a hotel lobby, and then ride an elevator to reach your room. All of those areas often include other hotel guests and employees. Spots like elevators could present a challenge when you try to socially distance.

At a bed and breakfast, you can park right near the entrance and head inside. A first-level room may include access through an outside door or sliding glass patio door. Through some planning, you can avoid others during your vacation and enjoy the relaxing setting of a bed and breakfast.

3. Public Areas

Hotels may offer swimming pools, buffets, and workout rooms for guests, but there is no privacy, and you may find yourself in crowded areas. As you browse for bed and breakfast lodging options, you can seek out locations with all the extras, but in a much more private setting.

For example, you may find a bed and breakfast with a small swimming pool or an exercise area. Some of the more rural bed and breakfast locations may offer access to swimming area like lakes or ponds. You could also find nature trails to explore for daily exercise. There are plenty of public areas you can access at a bed and breakfast.

As you book a vacation, keep your health in mind and plan accordingly to national guidelines and recommendations.