Dog Groomer Selection Tips

When you notice that your dog's hair and nails are getting long, you may consider a groomer. The need may be more immediate if you don't feel comfortable clipping your dog's nails or cutting their fur. Don't just head off to the first place you see, however; investigate the following.

Visit First

Looking up groomers in the paper or online won't give you an impression of the actual facility. Before booking any appointments, visit some groomers.  Note the atmosphere. Do staffers seem hurried? Is the space relaxing? In particular, ask to see the actual grooming areas so you can observe any signs of clutter, mess or unsanitary conditions. Look at dogs leaving; do they seem happy? Observing the scene beforehand is going to help you to select a place.

Ask About Certification

Your state likely asks that groomers receive certification in their field. If certification isn't required, bear in mind some groomers are operating without licensing. Therefore, ask about certifications, licenses and other signals that each groomer has been adequately educated and tested about their dog knowledge.

Certification is just the bare minimum requirement you should expect, however, Ideally, you'll find a groomer with some knowledge of different breeds and what care is best.

Ask about Anxiety

If you don't know how your dog will react during grooming by a stranger, it's worth inquiring about how different groomers prepare for and behave with anxious canines. For example, some groomers allow one person to do all the work with individual dogs so that they don't have the stress of being handed from one staffer to another for each grooming task.

Cages could also make your dog feel anxious about being groomed, so be sure you look for and ask about whether dogs are caged at different facilities.

Know Emergency Plans

If your dog is accidentally cut during grooming or bitten by another dog there, what happens? Every grooming facility has emergency plans; in some cases they will print out their policy when you're signing a contract or set up a dog appointment. Review this information so that you aren't surprised if something happens with your dog.

Your dog is counting on you to be a true advocate for them when choosing groomers. Protect them by doing what you're able to do by gathering information about the process and different facilities in the area, such as All Creatures Inn. You can then begin a regular routine of having your dog groomed