Be Sure To Store These Items In Your Hotel Room's Safe

When you're browsing different hotel websites online in advance of a trip, you'll likely be checking a wide range of amenities that should help to make your hotel stay more comfortable. One amenity that you shouldn't overlook is the presence of in-room safes. Many hotels offer this feature and make its presence known on their websites; if you don't see this information, feel free to call the hotel's front desk to inquire. Visiting a hotel that offers in-room safes can increase the security of your visit. Here are some essential items to keep in the safe during your stay.

Car Keys

If you'll be leaving your hotel on foot, which is often the case if you're staying in a downtown hotel, it's a good idea to leave your car keys in the safe. Hopefully, you won't have to deal with anyone breaking into the room, but if an intruder were to gain access, your keys might be sitting on the desk or bedside table. Anyone who can grab your keys can simply walk out the parking lot, use the keys to identify your vehicle, and then drive away. Whether you're traveling in your own vehicle or have a rental car, you won't regret securely locking your keys in the safe in your hotel room.

Passports And Travel Documents

Unless you have a way to carry your passport and any other travel documents to make them resistant to pickpockets, such as a holder below your clothing, it's a good idea to leave them in your hotel room's safe. Passports don't always fit comfortably in your pants pocket, which could cause the document to slip out and be lost. Generally, you won't need your passport except for when you enter and exit a country, so the best spot for it is your safe.

Purchased Valuables

If you're staying in the hotel during a shopping trip, you need a safe place to store the items that you buy — especially if they have a high value. Plan to store these items in your safe, rather than leave them sitting in your room or in your vehicle. In the latter location, even if the items are kept in the trunk, an experienced thief can easily smash a window, gain access to the valuables, and be gone in a matter of seconds. If you buy anything that is too large for the in-room safe, talk to someone at the front desk about storing the item in the hotel's larger safe.

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