Five Ways To Spend More Time With Your Partner

In order for a relationship to work, it's important to spend quality time with your partner. If your busy life has been getting in the way, it's time to rearrange your priorities and put your soulmate back at the top of your list. Here's five ideas for things to do together.

Start A New Hobby

Is there something you have both always wanted to learn? You could take a class together at your local community college. You could also join a bowling team or dart league, giving you an excuse to get out together once a week. If middle-aged spread is catching up with you both, consider joining a gym and working out together. It will be good for your health, your self-image, and your relationship.

Take A Vacation

Sometimes, people just need to get away from everything. It can be hard to truly relax if you are raising young children that are constantly needy. Consult a travel agent to plan the perfect trip. There are a lot of great couples resorts in exotic locations that are for adults only. A week free of kids and responsibilities may be just the couples getaway you need to ignite that smoldering spark again and breathe new life into your relationship.

Go Out On Your First Date Again

Relive the memory of when you first met by recreating your very first date together. Go out to dinner at the same restaurant. Take the same time to prepare as you did before that first meeting. Dress to impress, and don't discuss anything that relates to the kids or house or jobs. Just spend time getting to know each other all over again. If your first date was less than spectacular, create a new first date.

Have Movie Night

Yes, you may watch TV together all the time, but movie night should be a special evening of cuddling on the couch together, eating popcorn and Junior Mints. If it's been a long time since you have laughed together, choose a classic comedy you know is hilarious to kick things off. Each week, choose a different genre, and take turns picking the movie.

Take A Bath Together

Light some candles, put some romantic music on your iPod, and add some bubbles or bath oils to the tub. Pour a couple of glasses of wine or mix your favorite cocktails, and grab your partner. Take turn washing each other before retiring to the bedroom.